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Monday, August 20, 2007

Bad fat lady, stop your singing...

Well, the fat lady sang and now she wants to get drunk. I am officially not pregnant.

It does not look like we will be able to try in September because we will be out of town cycle days 13-16, which is when I ovulate. Unless I ovulate late this month, we will not be able to try. (That would have given us a due date around my 33rd birthday, the end of June 2008.) Looks like I will not be 32 when I have our baby. I ovulated on day 15 this month, so if I ovulate on day 16 there is still a shot in hell. I had previously ovulated on days 13 or 14, so it doesn’t look good.
My cramps are kicking my ass this time around, which seems particularly rude… I am still tired from this morning's dose of useless prometrium. I just want to sleep.

Today is My Love and I’s two year wedding anniversary. The lab results were not a good present.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

98% negative

Well, I am 98% sure I am not pregnant this cycle. I peed on a stick yesterday and today. Today was cycle day 29. I am bleeding, which means it is actually cycle day 1. I didn't think you could bleed on the prometrium. I am bleeding, full flow, as they say. I called the RE office to see if I should keep taking it and if I should keep my blood test appointment for tomorrow. They said yes, until you have a blood test that is negative. They said you can start bleeding on prometrium, but the sound of her voice made me think it is rare... Apparently my body has said, I am done for this month.

Now I am even more sure that I did get pregnant our first cycle, and my low progesterone could not support the baby. Oh the 98% comes from the handout that comes with the First Response pregnancy test. This is hard. Harder than I thought it could be.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Not yet...

I am hoping I peed on a stick too early. I tested on Thursday, which was only day 26, and 12 days past insemination. I bought a 3 pack of tests. I may try again tomorrow. I still have my blood test on Monday, and they don’t usually call with result until after 3pm…

There is some other stuff going on right now that has me distracted. My Love is having a bad neurological reaction to a medicine. So, I am kinda stressed out right now.

I am tired and I hope my weekend brings me good news and peace.

I have a ton of errands to do this weekend. There is very little food in the house and I need to vacuum our house desperately. Those are my jobs. We have a 6 year old cat, Willow who is mostly black and a 14 year old blond husky. The animal hair is crazy!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Waiting to test...

8 days to the official blood test. I have bought a 3 pack of home pregnancy tests. I am not sure when I will pee on a stick. Monday the 20th is day 30, so before that. The prometrium makes me sleepy. I was dizzy the first day, but now it seem just lethargy is the only symptom. Oh, my back is odly sore, I feel like I have worked out. Not my lower back, my middle back. Really, I did a lot of sitting and napping this weekend.

This is a good week for distraction. We are going to two Washington Mystsics’ games, Tuesday and Thursday nights. My Love played basketball for most of her life until knee surgery and an injury have sidelined her for life. She loves watching the basketball.

This morning, I asked My Love if my boobs seemed bigger. She said the left one did. That is a bit weird. I hope it is not just the progesterone doing that. I am so tired, I am going to get myself a coke now. (I have been so good not drinking caffeine, and I love fancy coffee drinks.) I have been down to maybe 1-3 drinks a week. SLEEPY! Back to work.

Friday, August 10, 2007

4.2 is too low....

So now I am a bit concerned. I just got a call from the RE, and my progesterone level is 4.2. They like to see it in the teens (10-20). Now I really wonder if I did get pregnant last cycle and my body could not support it. After this cycle, if we have to inseminate again, I am going to ask the doctor if we should check other hormone levels. For now, I will be picking up a prescription of prometrium after work. I hope it is enough to help things attached and stay attached. I still hope to be pregnant this cycle. It is early enough.

I have a pregnancy test scheduled with the doctor for the 20th.

Does progesterone affect the OTC pregnancy tests? I thought they measured something else, so I don’t think it should… Will I not get my period because of the progesterone? Looks like I’ll be e-mailing my doctor with some questions. I know that progesterone has to drop for you to get your period. I assume if I do get pregnant that they would keep me on progesterone. So, I guess I am going to have to wait… Ten days until that test….

I guess I kinda hoped that my progesteron level would be so high that they would run a pregnancy test on my blood and it would come up positive. There is time for that, in 10 days.

Thursday, August 9, 2007


I have my blood work tomorrow. I feel pretty goood about this time. I had an acupuncture treatment this morning. I feel so good after them. I have a sense of peace and purpose as these days slowly move toward testing.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Try # 2

Okay, IUI #2 is inside me. The insemination went well. Because it is a Sunday, I had to go to the DC office of the fertility center, instead of where I usually go in Bethesda. My doctor was there to do it. It is very exciting.

This Friday I am going to get blood work to check to make sure my progesterone level stays up where it should be. I am excited and hopeful that this could be the one. The timing is good. This time the procedure was barely felt by me. (Last time there was a few minutes of crampy, weird, what the hell is that sensation.) That is after they swapped out the regular speculum for a littlier one. My Love enjoys inseminating me, though she is still a bit freaked out being that close to sperm.

Swim my little spermes, SWIM!

I am feeling pretty good. I hope the two week wait is a full two weeks this time!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Try 2?

Okay, so I have not had much to say. I think I am going to inseminate this weekend. I am also going to get a blood test 7 days past O to make sure my progesterone level is okay. This is because of the last crazy short cycle. I have not had a positive OPK, yet, and it is 2 days later than my average. We will see tomorrow, hopefully, I'll get one.

I really think I may have gotten preganant last cycle for, like, 2 days. My cycle this month has been weird and things just seem a bit off. This if after 7 months of textbook cycles. I don't know...

Is it baby time? I hope so!