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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easy come, easy go

Well, my cycle just ended/started. On no drugs, I had my regular 27 day cycle with ovulation on day 13. Today is day one, we are most assuredlly out for this cycle, and most likely next cycle as well. This cycle would put a baby due around x-mas, and next would be mid to late January. I am looking at maybe trying to make a February baby. So it looks like the next cycle we MIGHT be able to try start would be mid May. Possibly not until June. Maybe I can be pregnant for my 33rd b-day in June. That would be a nice goal.

Things are still rough at Casa MD Baby Maker's. I hate that money is always an issue. I hate that money limits our dreams.

I have acupuncture today, thank goodness! I can't really afford it, but I get paid on Friday. Good luck to all, I hope your days are smoother.

Monday, March 10, 2008

As the world turns

Unfortunatly we are off the baby train for at least two months. We just had a hard blow finicially and even if it resolves itself quickly, it will take awhile to recover. I'll post intermittent updates, maybe I'll shoot for weekly.

The Doctor sees no reason why our current protocal should change, and I have to agree. We have only done two medicated cycles. In all likelihood, all the unmedicated cycles we did were not viable. We did not know about my poor/no ovulation response. We only have two more vials of swimmers. I am not sure if our boy has any more. I still have hope though.

Right now My Love is dealing with some hard issues, and she is my first priority.

I'll be 33 in June.