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Saturday, October 13, 2007

skipping another month

Well, we are skipping this month as well. Last week, My Love got very sick on a new medicine, and my car crapped out. So, with the stress and the expence, I did not feel at all in a place to try with Clomid for the first time. (I am already CD 6 so the next cycle is only about 20 days away.) Plus My Love was gone most of this week for work and I don't want to try Clomid alone. I am already crazy emotional and I need her for my strength and steadyness.

I ended up getting a brand new car, and we were going to get one in about 6 months anyways. The timline just got moved up because it cost more to fix my old car that it was worth.

I guess I was a bit naive in thinking that when we started the TTC journey we would do every month in a row. We have tried twice, but have been doing this since June and I have been temping since January. I hope I get to stop temping in another month. That would be awesome!The good thing with my crazy short cycles, we get to try more often than some. I am averaging a 24-26 day cycle. Looks like we might inseminate middle of November. Sounds good, I am ready to get pregnant.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


I am still processing everything. It looks like I will try Clomid and I am really trying to make peace with my fears of Clomid use. My cycle will probably start next week and then we continue the waiting and seeing what happens game. I don't love the waiting, but the time to process everything is very helpful.