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Monday, July 23, 2007

I don't know

So, I find myself getting mad with My Love for no reason. My patience is short since AF came. I guess I really thought that is was pregnant. We have no reason to believe that it won't happen. I just really wanted to be pregant. It gives us more time to get our house in order, though. That is my bright side... We have a 57 year old house that keep us very busy.

Musing... right now just thoughtful and very dissapointed.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

ttthhhhththththththpppptttt :(

So, not only did AF come, she was 3 days early! I didn't even get a chance to pee on a stick. I am going to e-mail my doctor to see if I should be worried about a 25 day cycle when most of my others were 28 -32. Most were 28. It looks like my luteal phase was still 11 days. My temp dropped like a rock, so there really is no way I am pregnant.

I was not fully prepared for the dissapointment. It is very tiring. So, on to cycle day one...

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Okay. So, I am 7 days past ovulation according to fertility friend and our insemination timing was good. 7 more days to wait until I can test or see if AF arrives or my temp drops.

The weird thing is, my stomach has felt a little off since Saturday. I also felt a little nauseous this morning. It is a possible sign, but the net also says that particular sign doesn’t usually show up for another 3 weeks. And then maybe I am doing it to myself in my hope to be pregnant. I do feel a little weird and tired.

Before I came out at age 20, I dated men and tried to figure out why I never felt more than a friendship like connection with them. I managed to stay pretty far away from sperm because I could not picture myself having a baby and raising a child with any of those jokers. Now, I paid good money to put sperm inside myself in the hopes that it sticks. Ironic.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


So, it is done. We did and ICI Monday night and an IUI Tuesday morning. The sperms are in there and now we wait. It was weird to be that close to sperm. We are very excited about the journey. I went to acupuncture this morning and she did some treatment on my uterus that should help. I love acupuncture. I recommend it to everyone.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Waiting to get knocked up...

I don’t know if I should give background on myself. I am trying to remain anonymous for now… I am a 32 year old Maryland resident who has been with My Love for 4 and a half years. We had a wedding 2 years ago that the state does not recognize, but it was our wedding. We have been working on researching this baby process for over a year. I started charting in January, and started doing OPK’s a few months ago.

We are both planners and we are staring this journey very hopeful. I am waiting for the nurse to call me back to set up my official insemination tomorrow. We are doing IUI. I am picking up the sperm today. We are also going to try to do an ICI at home later, just for a couple of cycles. A lot of people ask me how we decided on who was to have the baby, it was easy for us as My Love can not have children. A few weeks ago she had a hysterectomy, and believe me, the irony of the timing is not lost on us at all.

I want to be pregnant!!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Here we go

So, I think we are all ready for insemination next week. It all depends on when I get a positive OPK. It looks like Wednesday might be the magic day. The sperm is ready for me in storage. I am so excited to start this whole process.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Let's give this a try

As I start this whole baby making process with the love of my life, I thought it might be nice to have a place to put my thoughts. We will see...