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Monday, March 10, 2008

As the world turns

Unfortunatly we are off the baby train for at least two months. We just had a hard blow finicially and even if it resolves itself quickly, it will take awhile to recover. I'll post intermittent updates, maybe I'll shoot for weekly.

The Doctor sees no reason why our current protocal should change, and I have to agree. We have only done two medicated cycles. In all likelihood, all the unmedicated cycles we did were not viable. We did not know about my poor/no ovulation response. We only have two more vials of swimmers. I am not sure if our boy has any more. I still have hope though.

Right now My Love is dealing with some hard issues, and she is my first priority.

I'll be 33 in June.


tbean said...

Breaks suck but time will pass more quickly than you think (especially while not 2wwing). Sorry things are rough right now.

Lizzie said...

Sorry for the breaks. 33 is ok!! (she says from the vantage point of 36). But so sorry for the fact that you're forced out for 2 rounds due to $$$. Thinking of you.

showtune said...

Sorry you are forced to take a break, but just think of all those lovely warm Spring evenings with a glass of wine. Still listening, BTW.

Mrs. Bluemont said...

I'm so sorry hun. Take care of yourself and let us know you're doing ok. Thirty-three is going to be an awesome year!