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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'm still here

I had envisioned this blog to be about my pregnancy journey. I know that it is a TTC blog, but I really thought I'd be pregnant by now. If you want to know what was in my heart of hearts, I really thought I'd have a newborn baby by now. We are on hold until at least September, and this is if life picks up soon and things turn around. I'm sorry, I am trying to be more positive, I should have said, when life picks up VERY soon and hopefully things have already started to turn around. I just can't see it yet be cause I am in the middle of it all.

My love lost her job suddenly a few months ago. Being a mostly one income houshold is hard, and affirms for me that I will work after I have our baby. (I always thought I would.) Unemployment adds very little to the mix, financially.

I saw my acupuncturist and I am really going to work on putting postive energy out in the world. I imagine updates will be spotty.


showtune said...

Hi, still here, still listening.

New online home at

Was Showtune, now Nutella.

NotesFrom2Moms said...

im still here too. so sorry this is taking such a toll.. just visit around when you need to and post when you need something.

Mrs. Bluemont said...

I'm so sorry you're in the rut of it all right now. Hope things look up soon. September will be here before you know it. xo